Why 1 Photographer & Videographer Isn’t Enough For Your Event

When researching photography packages for your event, whether it’s for a debut, wedding, birthday, or corporate event, often, a studio will provide you with several options. Sometimes they will give different packages that range below.

These numbers range and the shooters they provide can be adjusted according to your budget. But what’s the science behind this? Are these studios just trying to charge you more money?


The Formula For A Successful Shoot

Most studios already have a tried and tested formula for the recommended amount of shooters to get the most value for your money. 

Scenario A: 8-10 hour wedding, 100 pax, Photography & Videography Package 

For an event of this size, it is recommended to have at least:

Scenario A: 4-hour event, 80 pax, Corporate Event, Photography Package

For an occasion like this: 

The Logic

Every photographer/videographer has their own part to play in the event. In a team of 2, 1 could be the main camera shooter, 2nd camera shooter, and 3rd is the Creative Camera Shooter.

  1. Main Camera shooter – they focus on capturing the whole event
  2. 2nd Camera shooter – they are the 2nd angle and their focal point is capturing the reaction shots and establishing shots 
  3. Creative Camera shooter – they move around as “stabilizers” to assist in getting creative shots. 

The work can also be done faster when there are more shooters on the team. This helps the client get the best footage and the team is able to do their job better in providing the best images and films. 

Everyone gets a chance to be in front of the camera

With so many in attendance, everyone will want a chance to be in front of the camera. Picture an award ceremony.

There are guests, speakers, hosts, and all the people involved on this special day for the company and winners. With enough photographers roaming the hall, there will be plenty of opportunities for people to be captured. And this is not just for events. This applies to so many occasions.

  1. An engaged couple looking at wedding photography and videography packages in the Philippines? 
  2. An event organizer canvassing for event videographers to shoot your next corporate activity
  3. A marketer looking for a commercial video production service, budget and 
  4. A mom/dad looking forward to their daughter’s long-awaited debut to be done in a hotel in Manila 

More raw footage for editing use

The studio you choose wants you and your event to look great. This includes a selective culling and post-production process. 

More shooters at the event = more cameras = more raw footage

At Sugar & Tea Philippines, Photography | Videography, we aim to provide our editors with as many clips to choose from and create the best possible photo album and video highlight/documentary which is why we provide our client’s different packages explaining the number of shooters that align with their budget. 

Location. Location. Location

With different shooters going around and capturing videos, the editor will have the best angles to choose from during the post-production process.

For example, 1 videographer shot from near the stage, and another videographer took shot the same scene from a different area, depending on the flow of the video, these shoots have the best 

Sometimes even drone videography is involved and here, the location of the videographer is key to getting some great shots. 

In Conclusion

There’s a reason photography & videography services in Manila have different packages and recommendations for the number of men and women behind the camera.

Similar to spreading butter on toast. More butter = more flavor. But when spread too thin, sometimes the taste is affected and not as delicious as we want it to be. But too much is also not a good thing.

At Sugar & Tea Philippines, Photography | Videography, we have different rates and suggestions for different events – weddings, real estate, birthdays, debuts, and corporate shoots.

Our team is here to provide guidance to get the best results you need for your event, or if budget constraints are an issue, how to receive the most value for your money.

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event videographer

3 Reasons Why You Need A Videographer

If you have a corporate event approaching, it’s crucial you get the best videographers in Manila. Corporate videos are a reflection of your brand, culture, and a great way to get people excited about who you are and what you do. 

1. A professional videographer will know how to blend in the background

A skillful videographer knows how to stay out of the way. They can blend in seamlessly and capture the action in its most authentic way.  Also, if your event is being live-streamed, the last thing you need is an unprofessional videographer obstructing the live events. 

At Sugar & Tea Philippines | Photography & Videography, we know how to film special events without interrupting or impeding the flow of the program.

candid shot videographer

2. A world class studio know how to edit perfectly

Beyond just shooting footage, a videographer needs to know how to edit and mix the best part of each event, adding graphics, music, and any subtle effects to make your video stand out. 

 A lot of skill, experience, and credibility is needed in the editing process to capture your event’s energy and fine detail. 

Our team has worked with local and international brands for their post-production edits.

Sky High Fashion Show – Crowne Plaza & Holiday Inn

3. Event legacy

The film your videographer shoots can be used in all types of marketing channels. From your company website, social media, brochures, flyers, product releases, and beyond. 

This is why it’s important to work with a studio that understands your vision, branding, and how they can add value to the business by capturing the type of video you need. 

Finding a Professional Videographer in Metro Manila 

If you’re looking for professional event photography, videography, and editing team, Sugar & Tea Philippines is here to help. Our talented crew has experts in each area of video production. From editing, shooting, video production, and everything in between.

Contact Us for a free estimate today. 

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8 Wedding Tips for Grooms Before Saying “I Do”

Your wedding day can be full of excitement but also anxiety. 

Are your vows rolling on your tongue, smooth as butter? Are you feeling fresh and ready? 

Both the bride and groom have their responsibilities and it’s the groom’s job to help make sure everything is well so your bride can also be at ease. 

There are so many things to tick off and get right, and at Sugar & Tea Philippines, we’ll lend you a hand and made the list below with some handy wedding day tips for the groom.

1. Take some time to eat

Eat before the wedding and make sure it’s hefty because chances are – you won’t be able to eat after the wedding. You’ll be busy taking photos with your wife, your friends, and your entourage as well as keeping everyone else entertained so it’s best that you get a meal in before the day’s events.

2. Be at the church early

Does the early bird catch the worm? As you wait for your bride to walk down the aisle, you have to make sure to get to the church early. Not only is it for you to greet and talk to early guests (maybe even talk the nerves out) – your bride will be just as worried and nervous as you are if she finds out that you’re late or if she arrives ahead of you.

3. Relax

Although weddings are without a doubt one of the biggest days of your life, you need to keep calm. It’s good to keep in mind that the occasion is intimate and you are surrounded by those that love you and care about you. Calm feelings create a relaxing and happier environment for you, your guests, and most especially the bride-to-be (who is probably just as nervous as you are).

4. Communicate with the staff, handle it so your wife-to-be stops panicking

Plan everything ahead! She may have done everything already made you got several wedding fairs and has gotten every single detail down but make sure to double-check everything with the staff and the entourages to make sure your plans and her plans are all aligned since it is your big day. At Sugar & Tea, we work closely with the bride and groom to capture each event and help make sure your footage goes smoothly.

5. Have a backup suit just in case of stains or spillage

Do you plan to stay in your suit the entire night? Your wife most likely has two or 3 outfits prepared already. Best to still match her second outfit, If  do both do plan to change for the reception make sure it’s comfy, note the choice of shoes will help you last the duration of the reception, with all the dancing walking to meet new family members and such

6. Sewing kit for you and your bride, be her knight in shining armor

Speaking from actual experience, it’s good to keep a sewing kit on hand. Buttons may come loose and fall or there may be a stitch that may be hanging out a bit too noticeably. Sewing kits are here to solve that issue so you won’t be sewing falling buttons in front of the church door while the bridal car is approaching.

7. Relax have a drink but not too much

Drinks are all good and well to calm the nerves – up until it gets too much. Too much liquid courage could maybe have you end up blabbering a bit too much on stage or have your head in the toilet instead and facing a terrible hangover to start off married life!

8. Talk to your parents

It’s your last few hours as a single man! Before the wedding, try to sneak some time away with your parents and speak with them privately. Maybe there are a few words you’d like to say that is important. Tell them how much you are grateful and love them. Keep this moment precious and private, just something to share between mom, dad, and son. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you get through this special day and once-in-a-lifetime moment. If you’re looking for the perfect team to capture your wedding in a hassle-free and convenient manner, please fill out the form below. 

Sugar & Tea Philippines has served hundreds of clients both locally and internationally in creating photos and films that are breathtaking, authentic, and stress-free. You deserve images created by the only true professionals for the moments that matter. Celebrate your love with stunning photos and beautiful videography. Contact us and talk to one of the best photographers in the Philippines.

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