While it may be a cliché, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” is a saying we’ve heard over and over. In today’s picture-driven civilization, professional-grade picture listings are in a league of their own.

When it concerns selling your property, having the most attractive post is critical. Buyers are keen to see just what is on the market, and using a professional real estate photographer for your photos will no doubt elevate the value of your home to the potential buyer. Better images provide an improved perception of value. 

93% of potential buyers begin their property search on the internet, as per the National Association of Realtors’ 2019 Real Estate in a Digital Age Report. With far too many people listing their houses on the web, your Real Estate photos should not only stand out but must also be superbly edited. Whether these are meant to be posted on Lamudi, dotProperty, Facebook Marketplace, or whichever real estate platform you intend to use to sell in the Philippines 

real estate photography

According to a scientific study, more than 95% of participants look at photos of a home before checking the real estate information. Most real estate platforms, of course, are built to show you the images initially.

For Real Estate listings, visuals are absolutely essential to buyers, if you ask your real estate agent, they would be of the same opinion. Hiring a professional property photographer in Metro Manila should be your sole choice if you really want the best real estate photography package for your needs.

What to Expect when an Amateur is in control of your Photos.

You’ll receive lower-quality shots whether the amateur taking your listing photos is your agent, you, or a photographer you hired without an established footprint. You pay for what you get and a huge error is looking for real estate photographers in Metro Manila, and basing your choice on the cheapest price. 

Freelance photographers and “experienced professionals”, don’t always know how to best capture a home’s potential selling points. For example, a wedding or debut photographer has a different eye than a seasoned property photographer. They’ll understand long shots, angles, and the right method in shooting your house/condo.

Check below for samples. Which would you choose for your listing? The 1st or 2nd photo? 

poor real estate photo

There are plenty of real estate photography packages in Metro Manila. The key is finding the right one that fits your budget and vision. At Sugar & Tea Philippines | Photography & Videography, we have different prices and provide 5-star photos that are sure to help your listings sell faster. See our page to know more.

Smartphone by a broker vs. a professional real estate photographer

real estate photography

Getting your broker to snap your listing pics or trying to take them yourself will be very obvious. It doesn’t matter if they’re using the latest iPhone or Android. It’s not the camera but the shooter that makes the listing photos attractive. 

Your property will not stand out onscreen, and you’ll have a hard time finding potential sales because prospective buyers favor listings using photos shot by a professional real estate photographer. 

Are you a real estate agent, broker, firm looking to improve your listing with professional real estate photography? Our packages are affordable and sure to make your property stand out and attract more buyers and renters. 

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