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Marinduque Shoot: A Drone Videographer’s Dream

As a videography studio, our team is blessed to be able to travel in many areas in the Philippines to shoot tons of amazing locations. One of them is our Founder – Jean’s beloved hometown in Marinduque 

Saving Time

One of our favorite videos we made is during our stay in Villa Atilana. And when creating a video, our goal is to tell a story. Here, our style is not to gloss so much on the villa but on the wonderful places you can see WHILE temporarily living in this homey resort.

Your & Your Seller Look Amazing

Shooting in Mogpog Marinduque and other tourism spots was truly an unforgettable experience. And by adding aerial drones, our footage was taken to new heights. We especially love how our videography team was able to capture The Palad Sand Bar and it’s pure white sand that could hold its own against Boracay.

Drone aerial photography & videography is one of our key specialities. We use these types of footage for weddings, debuts, birthdays, marketing, and provided that the location allows our team to. Sometimes places in Metro Manila can be restricted, while locations such as Tagaytay, Cavite, and nearby provinces offer some flexibility. 

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How about a tour of all the spots in Marinduque for your next travel goals? Our Founder – Jean has a lot of awe inspiring photos and videos of the magnificent beaches, islands, and hidden spots you won’t want to miss!