Professional Photographer and Videographer

Hiring a professional real estate photographer and videographer can be life changing.

You can see a dramatic difference in selling your property within months vs. within weeks. As more buyers look to online platforms such as Marketplace, Facebook groups, lamudi, dotproperty, and other websites, top quality photos and videos are in demand more than ever. 

It’s been proven that enhanced  and professionally edited photos sell up to 50% faster than standard images and surveys indicate that 98% of buyers judge a property based on the listing photos provided with a listing.

Saving Time

You’re probably juggling too many things already as a realtor. It can take anywhere from 2-10 hours from visiting the property to taking photos, videos, walk throughs, editing, and then posting. 

By having some of these professionally done, you and your agency save time and can allocate your real estate agents to doing fieldwork and other tasks. 

Your & Your Seller Look Amazing

After negotiating the commission with your sellers, the next step is to prove you’re worth the negotiated amount. 

The Philippines is currently under a Buyer’s Market in light of the pandemic. Many are selling properties at rates lower than market value due to varying circumstances. By hiring a professional photographer or videographer, your footage will spark interest, leading to more demand and letting you drive the price of your house/lot. 

If your photos look great, chances are not a lot of similar listings will have images like yours. You get to stand out as a real estate broker/agent, and your brand just looks quite a lot better than others. 

Especially when you add in drones, aerial photography and walk through videos like our team did below.

Your House Stands Out A Lot More Than Its Neighbors

Drones and great aerial videos will provide more engagement with your prospective buyers. There’s a lot more to see and when done just right, become the barometer everyone will compare their property to.

Selling Your Home For More

Our editors know what buyers look for. Clear skies, appealing sunsets, enhanced drones that show great value and can feature the community, amenities, and investment value of surrounding areas. 

The more appealing the house looks, then the perceived value and worth shoots up as well. As basic economics would explain, low supply + high demand = higher price. 

Considerations in Hiring A Professional Real Estate Shooter


Choose someone with a proven track record for real estate photography & videography. A lot of people enter the real estate shooting field to make a quick few thousand pesos as weddings, debuts, birthdays and most events in the Philippines have taken a down turn. The shooting techniques and editing for real estate vs. intimate events are completely different.

Our team at Sugar & Tea, we have different shooters who specialize specifically in real estate, a service that isn’t offered as much especially in Metro Manila. We understand what realtors, sales agents, and buyers are looking for and deliver 

Proven History

Check your videographer’s portfolio in all their real estate shootings. What kinds of properties have they done? Is this something you want to see in your listing? 

All these factors play into your decision-making and should not be taken likely


Investing on well taken photos and videos will pay off in the long run. You get amazing, top-notch photos and videos to use in marketing campaigns which will get your listing off the market sooner, help your brand stand out, and attract both buyers and sellers for your realty business

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