Real estate video marketing is key in making yourself stand out from other brokerage firms and realtors, connect with potential buyers & sellers, and more importantly, drive more sales for your business. 

Videos change the game in how you sell your listing. For example, buyers can look at a “spacious 5 BR spacious house in Makati” online, and when occulared, looks like a cramped townhouse. Brokers know this. Buyers and sellers know this. Sometimes photos aren’t enough. If your property has great things going for it like spacious parking, wide, accessible roads, and a safe neighborhood, then you as a seller need to show these off. Real estate videos are crucial in driving those sales and getting your buyers to book that inspection.

Watch and Learn

In just 4 mins, our team at Sugar & Tea Manila Photography | Videography created this video to show an Industrial Property for Konem Realty. a brokerage firm in Manila that knows what it takes to make its listing stand out.

How does real estate marketing help you?

When you buy products on shop, some sellers go the extra mile and add attractive videos that demonstrate how to use their products – from items that need to be assembled, notebooks that show off their paper and designs, tools and how to use them, and other cases. 

The same principle applies to your home listing. 

How is are videos more effective:

1, Explain better and clearer: Show how spacious the property is, various amenities, and great location

  1. Increase meetings – videos get more attention, and lead to higher clicks 
  2. Boost sales – films provide a deeper connection, when you do a walk through, the client can feel like they’re with you on a virtual tour. You solve questions faster and show the perks of being in the area.

How to get started

Grab your phone and DSLR cameras and get started. 

Or  you can book our team at this link and we’ll create real estate videos that will give you that killer advantage! 

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